Woman’s Horror as She Thinks Her Dog’s Nose Fell Off

Woman’s Horror as She Thinks Her Dog’s Nose Fell Off

Dog sitting can be a great deal of fun, yet relying upon the dog, it can likewise be an unpleasant encounter. One lady, named Jade, was as of late taking care of her mum’s cherished pooch when she got herself extremely stressed for the animal.

Jade cases she was playing with Lenny the French bulldog when she saw something bizarre on the floor.

After removing the dog from the space to examine further, she was frightened to find that the thing on the floor was his nose… or possibly that is the thing that she thought.

In a frenzy, she ended up persuaded the dog’s nose had fallen right off when extremely the dog had just chomped the nose off of a cuddly toy.

Jade revealed the incident in a viral Facebook post.

She finished up the post by consoling everybody that Lenny’s nose is “in full working order and totally stuck to his face”.

Jessica Blair

Jessica Blair is the lead editor of Weird News Ledger. Before joining Weird News Ledger, Jessica worked as a national political reporter for Postmedia News. She has covered many political events on and off since 2006, writing for Sun Media, and producing for CTV and for CBC.

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