Nori the Dog Looks so Human, People Believe His Face is Edited

Nori the Dog Looks so Human, People Believe His Face is Edited

A charming dog named Nori is taking over the web with his human-like face – persuading individuals his photographs are edited. With enormous almond formed eyes that make him resemble an insightful old soul and a certified smile, the Aussiepoo mix’s owners have used to being halted at whatever point they go out.

After Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo posted a photograph of their doggo via social networking sites, he immediately turned into a viral sensation piling on more than 9,000 likes.

The cute pooch has his very own Instagram account where comments are regularly left about his human highlights. Dog mum Tiffany said Nori is amazingly sweet, enthusiastic and resolved to befriend each pooch or human he meets.

He will regularly place a toy in his mouth while he ‘works’ with his front paws, similar to cats frequently do. It’s not the first run through a dog that has stunned individuals with its human appearance.

Yogi, a Shih-crap, also stood out a year ago with his ‘human eyes’ – and was even contrasted with big names including Ed Sheeran.

Jessica Blair

Jessica Blair is the lead editor of Weird News Ledger. Before joining Weird News Ledger, Jessica worked as a national political reporter for Postmedia News. She has covered many political events on and off since 2006, writing for Sun Media, and producing for CTV and for CBC.

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