Daredevil Scientist Screams in Pain After Letting a Python Bite Him

Daredevil Scientist Screams in Pain After Letting a Python Bite Him

A thrill-seeker scientist could be heard shouting in pain after giving a 6ft-python a chance to bite his arm in frightening video.

Television presenter Adam Thorn, from Australia, had stitches in his arm after the reptile drew blood. In the video, which was recorded for another TV arrangement, the gigantic snake can be seen laid on a wooden table.

When the TV host, who is wearing a defensive face cover, draws near to the creature, the python bit him. A man wearing a blue shirt inevitably pulls the snake away as blood begins to turn out from the scientist’s arm.

The bite, which showed up on Mail Online, is a part of History Channel’s new series “Kings of Pain”.

The series includes the pair following the creatures in their normal living space, catching them and after that executing the bite, trailed by their positioning of the pain results.

Pythons, the world’s longest snakes, don’t have any venom that is unsafe to people, as they kill their prey through constriction.

Jessica Blair

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