Bride-to-be Mocked for ‘Tall’ Wedding Ring that Could Take Someone’s Eye Out

Bride-to-be Mocked for ‘Tall’ Wedding Ring that Could Take Someone’s Eye Out

A Bride-to-be has been ridiculed for her ‘tall’ wedding band that individuals are stating will be a bad dream with jumpers.

The lady, referred to just as Stacey, shared an image of her ring to Facebook bunch ‘That is it, I’m ring shaming’. Stacey requested the group’s feedback on her classy but boring ring.

Many rushed to comment on the tallness of the jewel – flippantly inquiring as to whether the ring hits its head on a door jamb as she strolls through.

Another commented: You’ll take someone’s eye out with that.

Others contemplated everyday issues Stacey could look with the tall precious stone.

One individual stated: Good luck wearing sweaters with that and another additional: So tall, it must catch on everything.

Another stated: I sense that I could truly flick the jewel out of the setting.

Already, followers of the page have been similarly ruthless in pummeling the structure of different ladies’ rings.

One lady who has not been named posted a picture of the ring and again received a lot of criticism.

Jessica Blair

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