Florida Man’s Baffling Solution to Devastation Caused by Dorian

Florida Man’s Baffling Solution to Devastation Caused by Dorian

Florida man is back, yet this time, rather than violating the law, he’s creation proposals on the most proficient method to anticipate the destruction Hurricane Dorian will unleash. Tropical storm Dorian is a classification five tempest – the most elevated grouping there is connected to storms with supported breezes more than 156 mph – and it’s as of now on the way to Florida.

Given destruction its caused in the Bahamas, Floridians are (legitimately) worried about what will happen when the tempest hits their state. In a video shared by Florida Today, columnist Tyler Vazquez interviews a Palm Bay local who’d been thinking about the matter of sea tempests.

He says: “I can’t perceive how they haven’t think of a route yet to battle these tempests yet. They continue saying that it will hit this warm climate and warm water.

“We have a naval force for what reason don’t the naval force come and drop ice into the warm water so it can’t get moving as quickly as it is going?”

Warming to his subject, he went on: “There have gotta be approaches to battle this rather than simply pointing at it and saying ‘now it’s deteriorating.’

After the meeting scrap was shared on Twitter, online users rushed to respond to the man’s perspective.

Jessica Blair

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