Woman Uploads a Video to Show Her Man’s ‘Worst Possible Way‘ to Make Tea

Woman Uploads a Video to Show Her Man’s ‘Worst Possible Way‘ to Make Tea

A woman named Holly Harley shared a video of how her boyfriend made a cuppa, comments of users had things to state about it.

He begins by adding two spoonfuls of sugar to a mug, at that point the high temp water and afterward a solid dash of milk so he’s left with a kind of sweet, smooth soup.

It’s at exactly that point that he includes the tea bag, gives it a snappy mix before being heard slurping his beverage. Holly even kidded that she was extremely close to calling the police.

“This is horrible. Please say that was immediately poured down the sink” commented one lady. A few people from the US were confused and thought the shock was because of the milk.

In any case, it turns out Holly’s because may have assembled and uploaded the video on deliberately get a response from individuals.

Jessica Blair

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