Man Confirms He Adds Watermelon to His Pizza Leads to Internet Meltdown

Man Confirms He Adds Watermelon to His Pizza Leads to Internet Meltdown

It appears there may be another food argument coming our way, as one Reddit client has quite recently uncovered they like to put something exceptionally weird over their pizza. An anonymous man has admitted that frequently he prepares himself a pizza with watermelon on top.

In his post on Reddit, the man referred to just as WatermelonOnPizza222, clarified how the unusual fixing at first began as a challenge, however, he wound up truly getting a charge out of the taste.

He proceeds to state that a couple of individuals have called him “insane” for doing this, however, he hadn’t experienced any main problems as of not long ago. He uncovers that his first serious issue happened on Monday, August 12 in the event of welcoming his friend John over for a slice. Most would agree that John did not take well to being served watermelon pizza.

So the man has now taken to the web to discover for the last time exactly how strange his favored pizza beating truly is. Also, individuals have not kept down their opinions.

Jessica Blair

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