Mum Charging Kids £70 to attend Son’s Birthday Party

Mum Charging Kids £70 to attend Son’s Birthday Party

One mum was stunned when her child got back home from school with an invite to a go-karting party which would cost a pretty £70 for him to visit.

She shared every one of the details in a post on Mumsnet. Just as being approached to give Amazon vouchers as a present, the parent before long ended up being informed by the birthday kid’s mum requesting cash to add to the go-kart store, transport to the track and different things.

The child is at a newish school – he was so glad to have been welcome to a karting birthday party – turns out the entire class was welcomed.

Details were: the date, the activity, transport provided (it’s an 80-mile round trip) and a solicitation of Amazon vouchers for a present.

And then that was followed up by a request for £20 for the vehicle.

Furthermore, it gets worse. She included that the birthday kid’s mom has the nerve to demand the parents pack a liberal outing with ice packs and pack extra so the birthday kid doesn’t need to bring anything.

Different mums were shocked by the cash demands.

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