Woman Catches Creature Emerging From Lake with Bare Hands

Woman Catches Creature Emerging From Lake with Bare Hands

One Fishing enthusiast took her interest to another level by catching a gigantic catfish with her bare hands. Yet, when she rose up out of the cloudy water, a fish was clinging to her entire arm – which she didn’t appear to be scared.

Hannah Barron’s hubby has handled her 530k followers and in this video, she shares the southern fishing strategy of ‘noodling’.

Wearing a swimsuit and shake shoes, the 23-year-old free plunged down into the sloppy water – totally disappearing.

A friend appeared to clutch her, gritting his teeth in the battle as Hannah kicked her legs into the air. After a couple of minutes, she flies back up from the water and carries the fish with her.

The catfish bolted its jaws around her arm – engulfing her whole lower arm. Fortunately for Hannah, catfish don’t have teeth however their mouths can grow so they can swallow their prey down. As the fish thrashes around, with Hannah’s arm still in its mouth, she keeps a firm hold – with her other arm stuck in its gills.

Jessica Blair

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