Man Finds Something Odd About Monster Munch Crisps Initiating Shape Debate

Man Finds Something Odd About Monster Munch Crisps Initiating Shape Debate

The vast majority of people accept that Monster Munch crisps are intended to resemble a beast’s foot, yet there have consistently been some that question this – starting an unusual discussion.

Recently one man has reignited the contention, by proposing the crisps aren’t shaped like feet yet are something altogether different. Tom, the creator of the Latest Deals Facebook group, shared a post on his page which demonstrates that If you flip around the crisps, you’ll see they look a lot like beasts, with a head, arms, body, and legs.

He subtitled the post, saying: “Mind blown!”

Several individuals liked and commented on his photograph, with many stunned by the disclosure and castigating him for “destroying their childhood”.

“Never understood that,” said one individual.

Another answered: “I’ve gone through every one of these years accepting they were claws.”

Anyway, there were the individuals who thought it was just “counterfeit news” and it turns out they were correct. Walkers, the producers of Monster Munch recently settled this discussion in 2017, revealing they believe them to be feet of a beast.

Jessica Blair

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