Woman Can’t Get Enough of Her Giant Pet Snail

Woman Can’t Get Enough of Her Giant Pet Snail

A lady has recounted how she cherishes just cuddling her giant African snail on the couch – and wouldn’t fret when it covers her body in slime.

Magdalena Dusza, from Krakow, Poland, embraced slimy buddy Misiek subsequent to spotting in a shocking condition in a pet shop. As far back as she was a young girl, she realized that she would prefer to have a pet snail over a cat or dog like the vast majority.

Furthermore, regardless of the huge measure of room Misiek takes up in her home – he has a 130-liter tank – Magdalena says it is exceptionally simple to take care of him.

Magdalena saved Misiek – which fittingly is Polish for ‘teddy bear’ – six years back from the pet shop.

She stated, They kept him in a little box, with low humidity, which is destructive for snails, and he had an attack of parasites and harmed shell.

Misiek eats vegetables and fruits.

Jessica Blair

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