A Woman can Stick Magnet to Her Back as Surgeons Leave a Metal Tool in Her

A Woman can Stick Magnet to Her Back as Surgeons Leave a Metal Tool in Her

A lady can stick a magnet to her back after surgeons left a metal tool in her SIX years prior.
She says she’s been left in misery since the operation – and endeavored to demonstrate it by adhering the magnet to the part of her back.

Mum-of-two Sevgi Sullerli experienced the medical procedure to fix slipped disc on her lower back at a private clinic in the Denizli region of Turkey, on June 25, 2013.

The task was intended to put a result to her back agony however rather her side effects compounded. Within a year she began experiencing issues remaining standing for quite a while and was not able to deal with her children because of the agony.

She went to the same medical clinic they completed an X-ray to her yet they disclosed to her that the agony was because of the stitches.

However, things took an unusual turn after she viewed a TV report about patients who incidentally have careful things left inside them on the surgical table.

After observing the clasp, she started to scrutinize some odd happenings since the surgery.

The disclosure came after she visited the University Medicine Faculty’s Forensic Medicine division were two surgeons found a long metal thing in her lower back and arranged a report for the case.

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