Man Kisses Crocodiles For a Boat of Tourists in Costa Rica

Man Kisses Crocodiles For a Boat of Tourists in Costa Rica

A man kisses crocodiles for a group of travelers in Costa Rica.

Juan Cerdas said it is one of his “hobbies” to bolster and kiss the animals for sightseers on the ‘crocodile river tour’ that sails the Tarcoles River.

The waterway, in the area of Puntarenas, has one of the most elevated crocodile population on the planet. Huge numbers of them are American crocodiles, who are commonly found in Florida and are one of the main animal types that can stroll on four legs.

They can grow up to 17 feet long and gauge many pounds.

Be that as it may, Juan said they are “not as aggressive as they would have us believe”.

The river has turned into a colossal vacation destination as of late. Sightseers rush there to visit a scaffold over the Tárcoles River which has turned out to be known as “Puente de cocodrilo,” or “crocodile bridge.”

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