Four Year Old Child Claims That He’s Reincarnation of Princess Diana

Four Year Old Child Claims That He’s Reincarnation of Princess Diana

Children say the most amusing words, however, since the past two years one kid has been telling his parents something very strange.

As indicated by Australian TV presenter David Campbell, his four-year-old child Billy supposes he is the rebirth of the late Princess Diana – and he professes to recall details from her life.

The 45-year-old parent-of-three told the chilling story in a segment for Stellar Magazine, which he portrayed as the “most unusual” thing he’d at any point said.

He starts by saying that his most youthful child initially begun discussing the renowned imperial at the time of only two, with the baby indicating a picture of her on a card and shouting, “Look, it’s me when I was a princess.”

In spite of not having been shown anything about the royals, Billy’s strange remarks proceeded and included one episode where he enlightened his family concerning having a sibling named John (Princess Diana’s sibling John died before she was born) and another where he referenced his two ‘young men’ – William and Harry.

When his mother showed him another photograph of Diana, Billy stated: “There’s me as a princess. Then the siren came and I wasn’t a princess anymore.”

Tragically Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris on 31 August 1997.

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