Women Announce She’s Leaving Job By Giving a Cake to Co-workers

Women Announce She’s Leaving Job By Giving a Cake to Co-workers

One lady was so tired of her cleaning work at a hotel, that she chose to give her manager a Sorry for your loss card and the composition inside pulled nothing back.

This move has enlivened others to share their peculiar stories, including one American Twitter client who reviewed the time her mom, Tamika King, reported her retirement at work – with a cake. The client who is known by the name @LikeAFineWino clarified that nobody yet the HR division realized her mum was resigning.

When they went to get a cut, King’s colleagues were welcomed by a not really unpretentious message sent in icing on the cake, which just read: “Happy Retirement To Me”.

The Twitter user shared a photograph of her mum grinning with her delicious looking chocolate cake. The funny tweet immediately attracted a huge number of users and several retweets, with many adulating the mum for her “savage” move.

Jessica Blair

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