Mum Invited to Visit Old Family Friends- Gets £800 Bill For Stay

Mum Invited to Visit Old Family Friends- Gets £800 Bill For Stay

One lady was left really upset when a close buddy sent her an immense bill for her upcoming visit to her home.

In a post on Mumsnet, the stunned mum-of-two revealed that her old friend who lives in Southern Italy, and they’d arranged the entire family to go to visit. They’d wanted to remain at their home for five days and the mum had expected to contribute and do a lot while there – yet she never expected to be charged an accommodation expense.

She clarified that Old friend and godparent to her little girls, arranged in January to visit her and her hubby who live in Southern Italy with their two kids.

They are staying for five nights. they talked to make last game plans and she has requested that her friend pay her £800 in addition to food for the stay.

The mum proceeds to state she’d be glad to pay £100 per head in addition to food, yet twofold that sum appears a ton. She thought about whether she should drop the plan yet her little girl is so excited about the trip.

Jessica Blair

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