Couple Pose With Mustang Supercharger For ‘New Baby’ Photos

Couple Pose With Mustang Supercharger For ‘New Baby’ Photos

A Utah couple compelled to have grandkids struck back against the spouse’s mom by arranging another child photograph shoot with the supercharger for their Ford Mustang.

Brayden Tomicic said he and his significant other, Payton, had been getting pressure from his mom to begin giving her grandkids, so they chose to hold a photo shoot supporting the new supercharger for his 2007 Fort Mustang GT like another child.

“The last two years Payton and I have been preparing for this moment and finally the time has come,” Brayden wrote in a Facebook post. “It’s something I have always wanted but never knew how soon it was going to happen. We have been truly blessed this last year and finally, it is here..”

Tomicic said the tongue-in-cheek post was a message to his mom. According to Jalopnik, Truly the thought originated from his mom forcing him and his better half for grandkids, so they figured they would counter a little with something for their vehicle since it is his infant.

Jessica Blair

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