Unique Guinness World Records that Belong To Indians

Unique Guinness World Records that Belong To Indians

Indians are best in class in a ton of fields, be it innovation, medication, sports or business. And so on, The same goes for holding interesting Guinness World Records. Here are some stunning, and a couple of strange records gladly held by Indians:

World’s longest turban

A 60-year-old person from Patiala, Punjab, Avtar Singh Mauni, holds the record for the longest turban on the planet. The turban gauges 100 pounds and stretches to up to 645 meters. Considering to what extent it takes him to prepare each morning? Six hours!

World’s Shortest woman

23-year-old Jyoti Amge is the world’s smallest lady, estimating 61.95 centimeters (2 feet). She has prior held the Guinness World Record for being the smallest teenager alive.

World’s longest mustache

Jaipur inhabitant Ram Singh Chauhan, 58, holds the title of the world’s biggest mustache. 14 feet long, Chauhan has been growing it for 32 odd years now!

Most costly wedding

With Indian’s spending richly on weddings, this one doesn’t come as an amazement. Steel giant Lakshmi Mittal’s girl’s wedding holds the record for the most costly wedding. Vanisha Mittal wedded venture financier Amit Bhatia in 2004 where visitors were engaged in full Bollywood style by Shah Rukh Khan. The all-out cash spent on the wedding was an incredible USD 60 million.

World’s biggest biryani

The hard work of 60 cooks went into making the world’s biggest biryani which required upwards of 12,000 kg rice and vegetables.

Typing quickest utilizing just nose

Khurshid Hussain holds the peculiar record of being the quickest individual while typing just with his nose. While setting the record, Hussain composed a 103-character sentence in seconds. He was approached to express, “Guinness World Records has provoked me to type this sentence using my nose in the quickest time,” and he nailed it!

Unmistakably, Indians Can Do Anything!

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