Five of The Weirdest Things Ever Sold on eBay

Five of The Weirdest Things Ever Sold on eBay

For two entire decades, eBay has helped us sell off undesirable items without having to clumsily ask that friend who offered it to you for a receipt. We’ve had the capacity to offer on garments that we neglected to return before the finish of the 28-day exchange period and purchase every other person rejected things despite the fact that we most likely have no use for them either. The perks of internet shopping. Here is a list of five of the strangest things ever sold on eBay.

Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast

A superfan purchased JT’s remaining French toast for $1,025 in 2000. You might have seen a number of celebrity fans Yet, there are people who adhere to a meaningful boundary of big-celebrity fan and not buying a remaining French toast.

A cornflake formed like the state of Illinois

Truly, a cornflake. Two sisters figured out how to offer it for $1,350 in 2008 to a person who was beginning a gathering of ‘popular culture and Americana things’. The real question is how did they notice the shape of the cornflake?

Princess Beatrice’s giant pretzel

It wasn’t a real pretzel, however, unfortunately, it’s simply that giant pretzel-looking/ bow looking thing she wore as a cap to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding a couple of years prior. It sold for an incredible £81,100, which was given to Unicef and the Children in Crisis charity.

A lucky grilled cheddar sandwich

This sandwich had the picture of the Virgin Mary on it. The person kept hold of it for a long time before offering it for £18,000, and it never at any point went bad or covered with mold, which is truly very great.

Air. From a Kanye show

Somebody volunteered to pack themselves some air, yes real air, while they were at a Kanye West ‘Yeezus’ show. They initially tried to offer it on eBay for $5 yet for reasons unknown, it got truly prominent and the offering flew up to $65,000. That is some costly air.

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