Five of the Strangest Items Stolen from the Hotels

Five of the Strangest Items Stolen from the Hotels

Unfortunately, a few people never observed that Friends scene where Ross showed Chandler the rules with regards to stealing from hotels, rather deciding to claim whatever isn’t nailed down for themselves. It shocks no one that bath products and towels are among the most stolen things, yet a few people go above and beyond. Here is a list of the 5 most bizarre things stolen from hotels around the globe.

A Grand Piano (Starwood Hotels)

Hotel visitors may trust their stay will result in sweet love, yet one little group of thieves wanted to make sweet music. Masking themselves in overalls, probably to look like proficient movers, they were by one way or another ready to lift a whole piano from the Starwood Hotel. What’s more, think about, it worked.

A Marble Fireplace (Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire)

Maybe the people who pined for and figured out how to take away a whole marble chimney from the renowned Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire were searching for some Outlander-style romance.

Busts (Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair)

A few thieves may have been feeling lonely, and afterward regretful, or they just required the busts they stole from the Chesterfield Hotel for a particular reason. Since eventually they reneged on the theft by sending the stolen property back secretly through a taxi.

The Room Number (Franklin Hotel, Knightsbridge)

If you need to get a souvenir while in the midst of a vacation— however, a keychain or shot glass is too boring— you may think the ideal option is the placard number outside a hotel. This was clearly the situation for somebody remaining at the Franklin Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Curtains and Mirrors (Travelodge)

You need to hand it to individuals who obviously do their home designing while at the same time staying in hotels. Since taking window curtains and mirrors from a Travelodge is as yet less expensive than visiting discount stores and piling everything up at the checkout counter.

So Strange!

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