Three Strange Headache Remedies That Actually Work

Three Strange Headache Remedies That Actually Work

Headaches are irritating, yet some can push you to the edge of total collapse. Managing headaches is ordinary too as about portion of grown-ups have encountered a headache at any rate once per year, as indicated by the World Health Organization. While pain and unease from the normal headaches are disappointing, headache can disturb your routines. Side effects include sickness, light and sound affectability, just as bad. No less than one of every seven grown-ups manages a headache, which may incorporate the use of medications. Not all treatment may work the equivalent for everybody, which is the reason it might need your time and energy to examine some unusual treatments. Here are three strange things you can do which actually work.

Soak your feet

Who realized that the path to your headaches was through your feet? The thought is to attract blood to the lower body to decrease blood vessel pressure in the head, as per Reader’s Digest. Fill a tub with warm water along with the mustard powder. Drench your feet for around 30 minutes and after that towel dry.

Wear a Headband

In spite of the fact that it might appear to be weird, applying pressure to your head with a headband or firmly tied scarf or handkerchief can help rapidly decrease headaches. The pressure can help lessen bloodstream to your scalp, which means less bloodstream to the blood vessels in your mind.


If stress is causing the headache, consider performing stretches intended for headaches, Health reports. Three different stretches may help. One is the place you present your jawline, up and after that side-to-side. Another is doing shoulder shrugs. The last stretch is called neck isometrics where you press your palm into your brow. Hold for a bit and afterward press your hand to each side of your head. Do this two times each day for around 20 minutes.

You might think its strange, but you can try for yourself!

Jessica Blair

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