Three Strange But True Facts About Technology

Three Strange But True Facts About Technology

Technology has been the best friend of human beings. After all, technology has made our lives easier. Right from mobile phones which made conversation easier and portable to many other blessings. But did you know? There are a few facts about technology which most of us don’t know about. Below are three such strange but true facts about the technology.

Changing font styles can save printer ink

Truth is stranger than fiction, font styles are not made equivalent. Individuals make various types of textual styles for a wide range of reasons: to pass on a message, for improvement, or as iconography. If you use a ‘lighter’ textual style (with a lighter stroke), you’ll utilize somewhat less ink per page. In view of the presumption that you’re just printing with inkjet printers that using the old style cartridges (not ink tanks, and not toner-based laser printers), you’ll likely save around 10 percent ink by changing to one of the lighter textual styles.

Email existed before the internet

You most likely don’t think before creating a one-line email message and sending it. However, it wasn’t generally so natural. There’s an intriguing clasp on YouTube: “How to send an Email – Database – 1984”. This was from a tech TV show called Database and the presenters showed what it took to really send an email back then. You needed to use a PC and a rotating telephone to connect with a service called Micronet. This was pre-WWW, so there were no URLs, just numbered site pages. For emails, the site page number was 7776.

QWERTY was intended to slow people down

There are really two theories to this. The first begins to bode well when you take a look at manual typewriters. If somebody composed excessively quick, the keys would stick. QWERTY set basic letters in order at separation from one another and slowed typists down.

Another theory is that telegraph operators structured the QWERTY design since it was simpler (and quicker) to disentangle Morse code. In any case, there was no reason to continue using the design, however, it stuck and there was protection from change. You can really change your keyboard format to the quicker Dvorak design in the language settings.

Strange But true!

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