Four Nail Trends To Follow If You Love ‘Weird

Four Nail Trends To Follow If You Love ‘Weird

Nails are the ideal clear canvas to be as innovative as you like. Shines? That’s right. shimmer? Go ahead. fur? Yes, you can if you live that kinda life. You will be unable to go to work wearing an insane outfit, yet that doesn’t mean your nails can’t. The nail patterns exploding the world (and Instagram) it appears there’s no restriction to the creativity coming through. Below, is a list of the weirdest, most out there nail patterns we’ve seen yet.

1. Plant nails

It’s not regular you see plants on someone’s hands, yet that is actually what happened when Australian craftsman Roz Borg gave herself a natural mani. ​Speaking to The Huffington Post when her nail art turned into a web sensation, she stated that people are dazed when they understand it’s genuine live plants, not a 3D pattern.

2. Consumable Chocolate nails

Chocoholics and frequent snackers out there, this is one for you. What better approach to check those 4 pm sweet tooth than nail art you can eat? Perhaps this nail art you can avoid in case you’re trying to give up your nail biting habit!

3. Corkboard nails

Generally held for staying photographs of your vacation and daily agendas, who knew this youth room staple would make for nail art. At any rate, you’d never need to depend on Facebook to recall that best friend’s birthday again.

4. Lego nails

Who doesn’t wander off in the fantasy land of returning to those joyful long periods of childhood, when the most we needed to stress over was… erm, really we didn’t have anything to stress over. Pay reverence to the times of your childhood with these crazy 3D lego block nails.

These strange nail art designs can be a great option if you love to be unique!

Jessica Blair

Jessica Blair is the lead editor of Weird News Ledger. Before joining Weird News Ledger, Jessica worked as a national political reporter for Postmedia News. She has covered many political events on and off since 2006, writing for Sun Media, and producing for CTV and for CBC.

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