Five Strange But Fun Facts About Antarctica

Five Strange But Fun Facts About Antarctica

On the southern-most tip of the planet rests one of the world’s most gigantic and strange landmasses – the solidified realm of Antarctica. This icy field extends to cover in excess of 14 million square kilometers, making it the fifth biggest landmass on the planet. It is arranged primarily inside the Antarctic Circle, which implies that temperatures are reliably underneath zero all through a major part of the year.

1. The Dry Valleys in Antarctica is considered to be the driest place on earth. With such low moisture on this part of the landmass, snow and ice can’t accumulate, which leaves the valleys as only a dusty span of soil.

2. Antarctica is the windiest spot on earth. Researchers investigating this southerly landmass have detailed breeze speeds that have come to up to 200 miles/per hour.

3. The Antarctic Ice Sheet is the single greatest mass of ice on the planet and it can be up to four miles thick. The mainland all in all contains around 90 percent of the planet’s freshwater ice and around 70 percent of the complete new water on earth!

4. Researchers guarantee that if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet were to liquefy, it would raise worldwide ocean levels by around 16 feet.

5. The Ross Ice Shelf – a drifting rack of ice that reaches out of the mainland’s major landmass – includes in excess of 510,000 square kilometers and is the biggest ice rack that has ever been found.

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