Five Weird But Amazing Facts About Nature

Five Weird But Amazing Facts About Nature

Think you know everything about nature? Think again. Below is a list of five strange but mind-blowing facts about nature, which most of us might not know.

There were four human species

After considering hominin fossils found in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Chad, German researchers came to know that 4 particular human species existed together in the meantime around 3 million years ago. What isn’t known is the manner by which they were connected and whether they cooperated with each other.

Cows kill 22 individuals per year

Difficult to accept, but, Sharks kill a normal of 5 individuals for every year while cows kill a normal of 22 individuals for each year. truly, people are more fatal to sharks than they are to people. People kill around 100 million sharks every year!

QuickSand Trap

You know every one of those motion pictures and TV demonstrates where somebody all around gets gobbled up by quicksand. It’s simply that…dramatic, yet false. This is on the grounds that quicksand is just a couple of inches down. If somebody dies in quicksand it more often than not happens in tidal bowls. The individual gets stuck and drowns when the tide comes in.

Different trees, Now and Then. 

The trees that existed 300 million years back don’t look like the trees we have on Earth now. These trees could become amazingly tall, however, they had exceptionally shallow roots. At the time, no organisms existed that could break down these trees, so as they fell, they piled up upon one another, in the long run making coal.


Keep in mind this whenever you purchase a flawless pineapple and after that let it go to waste. Whenever planted from a sucker, a pineapple will take around a year and a half to blossom, if you plant the highest point of the pineapple, it will take 2 to 2 ½ years to create a blossom.

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