Three Weirdest Books of All Times for the Unafraid Readers

Three Weirdest Books of All Times for the Unafraid Readers

Books are… bizarre. No, truly. When you consider it, reading is somewhat weird. We sit and read at cut square pages, with minor content imprinted on them, reading conversations and strikingly fantasizing a story. It is great for some people, and for some, it is not. So if you are a regular reader and aren’t afraid to read something ‘strange’ these are some the most interesting books ever.

Alphabetical Africa by Walter Abish

The primary part just uses words that start with the letter “a”. Part two contains “an” and “b” words. Section three includes words that start with “c, etc up until “z”. That is the point at which every section starts to take out words backward order: the twenty-seventh part expels “z” words, the twenty-eighth section evacuates “y” words, and so on, until just “a” words remain yet again. Fascinating composition work out? Surely.

The Voynich Manuscript by Unknown

The Voynich Manuscript. Nobody recognizes what it’s about, who it’s by, or what language it’s written in. It’s simply page after page of some strange language, joined by freaky doodles of flowers. Is a medieval manual for therapeutic herbs? An enchantment spellbook? Some old child’s playbook? Of course, perhaps.

Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce

This book is dependant upon who you converse with, either the most distinguished accomplishment of human development or a few hundred pages of garbage. The book closes mid-sentence and starts with the finish of that equivalent half-completed sentence, and everything in the middle of is a mish-mosh of various languages.

Jessica Blair

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