Three Weirdest Television Shows of All Times

Three Weirdest Television Shows of All Times

Bizarre is great. But, a TV show that figures out how to be both abnormal and great is viewed as visionary, progressive, breaking free from the shackles of tradition and taking excitement a strong new way. This list of the most strange projects at any point made does not differentiate between great strange and bad unusual. However, if a show was really abnormal, it makes to the list. So, even that you never watched them, you can decide for yourselves.

Most Haunted

Everybody loves a haunted story. There’s in no way like a chilling drama along with ghostly creepiness. Blue Peter presenter, Yvette Fielding, and her better half Karl Beattie made 18 series and more of this remarkably particular show.

Every scene sees a visit to a spooky area, where she and her team roam about here and far off getting progressively insane and shouting things like “I’ve recently walked through an extremely chilly fix of air” and “something touched me”. Up to this point, the show also included mediums who would become possessed.


The late 1970s were a strange time. However, the most abnormal of all was bonkers famous TV show Monkey. The Japanese drama kept running for 52 episodes in more than two seasons, in view of the Chinese book Journey toward the West.

So the story goes like this, An undying human-monkey half and half with superpowers who was conceived from an egg on a peak joins a Buddhist priest who’s really a lady on a journey to India. They are joined by a water beast (Sandy) and a pig beast (Pigsy) and travel around either on a biddable cloud or a shape-changing horse who fills in as the group’s horse.

Man vs. Food

You can envision the pitch for this show. A person goes into a restaurant and eats as much as he can. More? Na, That is it! Two strange things about this. One: The executives said yes. two? It truly worked. It worked due to its host, Adam Richman. His capacity to express authentic unbridled excitement as he visited probably the most inexpensive food places in America was irresistible.

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