Three Strange But Adorable Party Themes Kids Have Chosen

Three Strange But Adorable Party Themes Kids Have Chosen

A few children have a skill for being strangely unique, especially when it comes to birthday parties. The parents of these children share pictures from the birthday parties which they have thrown for their children. From the cakes to the themes, these parents tried to make their children’s odd dreams work out. Below is a list of Three strange but amazing party themes which kids have chosen for their birthday party.


Since she was 3 years old, Kimber Walker wanted a Costco-themed birthday party. Kimber’s mother and father, who were regular at Costco, chose to make their little girl’s fantasy a reality with a Costco-themed party at her 5th birthday. Kimber’s parents declared her “employee of the Month” — an honor made much more unique by the badge she got from their neighborhood Costco!


A kid named Carter celebrated his 4th birthday with a Geico-themed party. The birthday party was full of Geico centerpieces, pinwheels, along with signs and other decors. And the center of attraction “The Geiko” was also well displayed.


A mother-daughter duo obsessed with Target had a target themed birthday party. Emily organized this birthday party for her daughter Charlie, who just LOVES Target. Not only did Emily got her daughter a Target cake, but she went ahead and set up a full Target Café, which had the Target staples including popcorn, Pizza Hut, and hot dogs on a roller.

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