3 Strange Places To Visit When You Truly Want To Do Weird Things

3 Strange Places To Visit When You Truly Want To Do Weird Things

There are a number of weird cafes, weird food combinations and strange places to visit. But what if you want to do something unusual, but you just don’t know what. Well, in that case, we have a few places where people like to visit when they truly want to do some strange stuff. Below is a list of three places which are experienced by people.

Visit Brokechella

Undoubtedly Coachella music festival is the best. But if you couldn’t visit that because you couldn’t afford it, don’t let it repeat next year! You can visit Brokechella instead. It’s held every year by cARTel in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles during the second week stretch of Coachella. It includes a lineup of little bands, yet they’re fabulous, simply holding on to be found. There’s a bunch of goodies and treats and it’s just $10.

The Robot Restaurant

If you love being served by a robot and if you like them taking over, you have to go to the Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China. There are 18 robots that complete a number of things, from serving food to cooking it. The coolest thing is that as a customer enters through the entryway, they are welcomed by a robot usher that extends its right arm and says “Earth Person, Hello, Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.”

Disaster Cafe

A person in Lloret de Mar, Spain believes it’s an extraordinary thought, to experience a 7.8 earthquake while they eat their meal. The Disaster Café, an eatery where you eat and experience an expansive (simulated) earthquake. It is strange that this place isn’t facing any claims. Though there is a Possibility that you need to sign a waiver.

Jessica Blair

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