An Artist Used Colored Pencils To Create a Working Guitar

An Artist Used Colored Pencils To Create a Working Guitar

A YouTuber, Burls Art utilized shaded pencils to assemble an electric guitar in the style of a Fender Stratocaster. and the great thing is, it actually is a fully functioned guitar. It was the first ever guitar the craftsman had ever created, however, he said he was “more than happy with how it turned out.” A video demonstrating how he made the guitar has amazed 16 million people. since it was transferred to YouTube two months beforehand. From that point forward, Burls has created a second shaded pencil guitar—this time, in style after a Fender Telecaster.

For his first guitar, he utilized 1200 pencils, which set him back $120. He previously had alternate parts available, however, he said those would have cost him $150. So altogether, he paid under $300 for a guitar that is ordinarily estimated somewhere in the range of $670 and $2500, depending upon the model.

He spent two to four hours daily working on the guitar and completed it in half a month. Slicing the pencils down the middle to get a flat, brilliant edge and setting them in a case took some time. He then stuck the pencils together with epoxy resin, sanded the slab, and utilized a layout to cut it into the state of a guitar. Different segments, such as the strings, were included last.

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