Cheap Research Papers: Is Free Writing the Same?

Modern students are often busy and lack time to sleep and eat well. Those who try to do everything quickly in order to manage everything individually might get serious health complications and become lonely. Who would like such a life scenario? Writing agencies understand the needs of each client because they had used to be students as well. They know how it is hard to become successful and not to lose private life and health.

Sometimes students achieve only self-reliance. They have nobody to discuss some problem with or ask for help. Such individuals risk getting even mental health disorders. That is why they start looking for writing agencies which can help them at least with paperwork. Naturally, such persons lack money and search cheap writing agencies. It goes without saying, that they fear to fail because cheap almost always means bad. Is that really so? Let’s find out.

Why Some Companies Offer Cheap Papers

Reasons for cheap academic paper writing service might be different. There are positive and negative purposes.

Positive Reasons

Some people are not able to believe that there is a difference between cheap and free papers. They think that one notion equals another one. That is not exactly so. We found 5 reasons why an organization can offer a cheap research writing service.

  1. Their business exists for short period only

The founder of the company understands that lack of feedback and high price per a paper can lead to bankruptcy. That is why he or she needs to sacrifice something. As a rule, it is the price of works the staff performs. Naturally, the situation changes when regular clients appear. They recommend this company to other students. That increases the income and promotes the organization. Then the price starts growing. Due to that the founder can hire more professionals and advertise the agency.

  1. This is just an unpromoted branch of a reliable and prosperous writing company

Some companies give a start to other branches in some time. They enlarge their auditory and need more staff and websites. People would never buy expensive papers in a branch which lacks popularity and clients’ feedback. That is why branches sell their cheap works to gain a positive reputation.

  1. The company does not advertise the service using expensive platforms

Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, YouTube, and a number of other popular and expensive platforms offer business advertising. Still, some companies either cannot afford their proposal or just do not want to waste money on things which can be blocked by special applications as, for example, Adblocker.

  1. The organization needs to attract more clients within a short time frame

If a founder needs many clients on a poorly promoted web page it will be necessary to lower the price first of all. Clients will first try the service. Then they will like it and finally share the impressions with others.

  1. The staff is incomplete and its members are not ready to meet the toughest deadline

A wise manager prefers a couple of professionals to a huge staff of amateurs in case the budget is limited. It is clear that those professionals will not be able to cope with many tasks within a short period. That is why they deal only with research papers which deadline is not tough. Such an option often upsets students and they look for some other agency.

Negative Reasoning

Sometimes cheap or even free papers do really stand for poor-quality research papers. One can recognize such unworthy companies considering the following signs.

  • It is a cheater who pretends to be a cool writing agency

Fake companies always have problems with everything including their online support, understanding peculiarities of paper writing, free samples offer, access to the choice of a writer, etc. Such cowboy firms either have zero or too unnatural comments. They exist not long because today it is hard to conceal the truth in the epoch of the Internet.

  • Research papers are plagiarized

The cheapest way to write an academic assignment is to Ctrl C and then Ctrl V. The task is ready and really cheap due to that.

  • Writers distribute one paper to many clients

Writers appreciate their time and do not want to work for free. That is why they write a paper and sell it many times until someone bans the site.

  • Low-quality performance

The founder promises a lot but is not capable to realize the promise. Writers fuss and make many mistakes forgetting about requirements and paper peculiarities.

  • Unprofessional staff

Unfortunately, some agencies hire people who are neither native language speakers nor researchers. Their salary is low and founders benefit.

Things to Conclude

As far as you can see one should select a cheap research paper writing service carefully and attentively. Cheap service does not always mean bad one and there is no need to compare it to free ones. Free academic assignments always guarantee grammar mistakes, 100% plagiarism, improper formatting, inadequate research topic presentation, and the lowest grade. Cheap services can provide a student with excellent papers which meet all requirements. Students just have to be able to see whether the company is real or just a fake. Unreal organizations always ask a student to pay the whole sum first and then to wait till the order is ready.

If you want to check some agency, you should order a research paper a long time before the deadline comes. In case it fails you will still have time to find a proper one.

Barry Tarrif

Barry is a former Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, is an award-winning writer. His work has appeared in many of the Canada’s most respected and credible publications, including the Toronto Star, CBC News and on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine. A meticulous researcher who’s not afraid to be controversial, he is nationally known as a journalist who opens people’s eyes to the realities behind accepted practices in the care of children.

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