Skull Like Comet To Pass By Earth In November

skull comet

Our universe holds a number of mysteries within itself. There are a lot of amazing things and concepts of the universe which are either can’t be explained or the explanation to them is too crazy to be accepted. The universe is full of beautiful things which never fail to surprise us. But, there are a few strange things which are so fascinating and they can definitely make you wonder. Some of these things in the universe are actually so strange that they attract more attention than any other. One such crazy event in the universe is about to take place in the month of November. The “Death Comet” or the “Dead comet” is expected to pass by our Planet just a few days after Halloween. Asteroid 2015 TB145 was first discovered in the year 2015. This comet has a shape just like a skull, the comet is all set to pass Earth on November 11th.

It will pass by our planet at a distance of 38 million kilometres. According to the researchers, the comet made its first appearance in the year 2015, around the same time. According to the images which were taken by Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, the size of the comet was around 600 meters in diameter and it was completing a full rotation around every five hours. When the comet was first spotted, Kelly Fast, NASA NEO Observations Program Acting Program Manager said that the comet can be a dead one, but in the Arecibo images, it appears to be shaped like a skull. According to the professor of planetary science at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab, Vishnu Reddy, there is no possible explanation to the name of the comet as a “dead comet,” may be the name is related to the time of the flyby.

Keeping these amazing and interesting names of the concepts of the space, it is a valid concept. It is a crucial part which can help in building a story which can get the attention of the large population and also, it can play a part in inspiring the younger generation to take interest in the field of science. Also, the name of the comet as Asteroid 2015 TB145 is complex to remember. Therefore, giving it a fascinating name will help the scientific community to remember the comet in the coming years.

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