Things In The Space Which Really Can’t Be Explained

strange things in space

Researchers perform constant researches to explain various phenomena. They constantly try to solve the mysteries of the universe. Through these researches, the researchers try to find more about the past – how the planets were formed, how we came into existence and also to get a hint about the future. These studies help in making the concepts of the universe much easier to understand. But, even after these researches, there are some queries of the universe which can’t be solved now. Basically, there are some concepts which do not have any explanation of existence.

The Colour Of Jupiter’s Red Storm

The red storm of Jupiter has been on the planet’s southern hemisphere for 400 years. It is something like a hurricane, which could fit at least 3 Earth’s inside it. Another thing about the storm is that it is cooler and higher than the nearby clouds. It is observed that the storm changes its colour from pale pink to bright red and it is also seen to be shrinking. But there could be no explanation to why the storm has lasted for so long and also to the change in colours of the storm.

The Incredible Iciness Of Saturn’s Ring

The Saturn’s rings are very beautiful but it is a very mysterious concept. All we know about these rings is that they were formed 4.4 billion years ago and the tidal forces are the reason behind the changing shape of these rings. But is no explanation of how these rings were formed. Why these rings are made almost entirely of ice? And also, the reason behind the perfectly flat shape of these rings.

Cataclysmic Variables

There are a variety of stars in our Galaxy, but a few of them are very strange. Especially when they come in pairs. For example, this binary star called as Cataclysmic Variables. They are white dwarfs which are the core of the red giants and the companion stars orbit so close that these must have been inside the red giant. These white dwarfs are so close around their companions that they are robbing the other star of all its gas.

Gamma Ray Bursts

These are also called the brightest electromagnetic events in the Universe. This releases more energy in just a few seconds which a star can release in its entire lifetime. They just last for just a few seconds. They are known to the researchers for more than 40 years but the cause is still unknown. Some of these have been correlated with distant galaxies, but the most of them correlate with nothing. The researchers are still unsure if these are black holes or something stranger than that.

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