Few Of The Weirdest Space Missions Which Never Took Place

Space missions which never took place

There are a number of space missions being proposed by researchers to reveal the secrets of the Universe. Some of these space missions turn out to be very successful, they help in revealing exactly what researchers wanted to find out or they find something more valuable. But there are also some space missions which are very weird, some of them are so weird that they haven’t been even launched. Let us see some of the strangest space missions which never took place.

Sending Blimp on Titan

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. It is the only moon which in the Solar System which has an atmosphere and it is believed to support life. NASA proposed a number of space missions which included a small helium-filled airship which is known as Aerover Blimp. The mission was to send the blimp on the Titan. It is said that the concept is still under consideration, which means that the blimp can still be sent in the cosmos somewhere.

An Orbiting Battle Station

During the time of the Cold War, the Soviets were designing a space station which had an onboard “cannon” just in case. This orbiting space station actually took place and made it to space. It was called as the Solyut-3 which orbited the Earth locked and it was loaded with a 37-pound cannon which was capable of shooting more than 5,000 shots in a minute, it could hit the targets nearly two miles away. The cold war was ended without any gunfight. But, the Soviets still fired the cannon once at an occasion.

Triple Planetary Flybys

In the year 1960s and 1970s, the U.S and the Soviets were interested in the manned flybys missions of the Red planet and Venus. It was possible for the U.S, to adopt such flybys using the upgraded Apollo Mission hardware. In the year 1966, the NASA joint action group (JAG) introduced a four-man flyby which would leave Earth in the year 1975, arrive at the red planet in the year 1976 and return back to Earth in 1977. There was also a triple-fly mission which would leave earth in 1981, fly past Venus later in the same year and fly past Mars in 1982 and then again past Venus in the year the year 1983 before returning back to Earth in 1983. Unfortunately, both of these two missions did not take place.

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