Largest Structure In The Universe Is So Gigantic That It Should Not Exist

largest structure in universe

This largest structure in the universe was found by the team of astronomers from the University of Central Lancashire. The large quasar group is the largest structure ever discovered in the universe. This stretches around 4 billion light-years from starting point to end point. LQG – Large Quasar group is a collection of too luminous galactic nuclei powered by massive black holes. Quasars are considered to be the most luminous objects in the universe. Astronauts believed that the quasar groups are more than 600 million light years wide, but to the surprise of the astronomers, the quasar group took it to another level. The LQG is composed of 73 quasars which span about 1.6 billion light-years in most of the directions, but across its widest points, it is 4 billion light-years wide.

The large quasar group is enormous in size, there are theories which predicts that this should not be existing in the first place. The solar system of our planet – the Milky Way galaxy is about 1,00,000 light-years wide. Also, it is parted from Andromeda- the nearest galactic neighbour of our galaxy by nearly 2.5 million light years. According to researchers, the structures which are larger than 1.2 billion light years must not exist. But this gigantic structure in the universe violates the widely accepted theories. There are a number of researches which are being done by the astronomers to reveal the secrets of the universe. Researchers are always in search of something different which might help in understanding the existence of the living beings and also to get some kind of insight into the future.

The past relating to the growing up of the galaxies and the formation of the sun and our planet much later. Many of these researches help in finding out some things which are very strange and amazing at the same time. These researches help in revealing what the universe still hides from us. Actually, there are things on our planet which surprises us too much, so the universe is a majorly vast place.

The finding of this large quasar group was the result of one such research by our curious astronomers done a few years ago. There is a chance for finding a relatively larger structure in the universe, but till now it is the largest structure ever found in the universe, but we don’t know what our enormous universe holds.

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