Interesting Facts About The Underground Catacombs Of Paris

catacombs of paris

There is something about graveyards right? Something which essentially gives you goosebumps. They are considered to be the most creepy and strange places. The catacombs of Paris are no different. It is the home to the bones of more than 6 million former residents of Paris. This place is located just underneath the capital of France. The city of love, fashion and beautiful culture holds a secret underneath its streets. There are thousands of people who visit this amazing city annually to see it’s beautiful landmarks and the famous tourist spots. The city never fails to give people the best experience of sights, food and sounds.

The catacombs of Paris is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Paris. It has a number of tunnels which is stretched across miles, these tunnels are packed with the bones of former Parisians. Most of these bones were excavated from different cemeteries in the 18th century. This place is considered to be the world’s largest graveyard. This place was created in the 17th century.

Even though the catacombs are stretched across hundreds of miles, only one mile of the total area is open for people to visit. The remaining area is considered to be unsafe and therefore restricted to visit. There are a number of secret passages to the tunnel, many manholes also have access to this place. But visiting without an official permission is illegal and if a person is caught doing so they can face large penalties.

Even though having the bones of millions of people this place can be the top contender for being the most haunted place in the city. But it is not haunted according to the paranormal investigators. though there are a number of videos caught by people which hold the images of ghosts, they look quite convincing.

There was an incident which took place in the year 2004 when the police officials who were undertaking a training exercise in the catacombs came across something really unexpected. While visiting the unexplored area of the tunnel they discovered a giant cinema room. This room was fully equipped with a screen, a restaurant and a bar. It was facilitated by a professionally installed phone and power lines. Also, there was a secret camera which was snapping pictures of those officers as they crossed the entrance. Nobody knows who was responsible for that. Also, a note was found at the sight which said: “do not try and find us.”

Also, apart from all the decay and bones, there was good wine within the depths of the creepy catacombs in the year 2017. But, a group of thieves broke into the vault of the apartment which contained vintage wine. All the wine was stolen by them.

It is also very surprising to know that the catacombs were known to both the sides at the time of world war II. these catacombs were used by both the sides at the time of world war. The Nazis also had a presence in the catacombs, they built various bunkers. Traces of these bunkers still remain in the catacombs.

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