Strangest Of Things Which Are Ever Found In The Outer Space


The universe is so vast that we can’t even wonder what mysterious things the universe holds. The round ball of water and land we call our planet never fails to surprise us. Imagine what amazing secrets the universe has for us. The researchers are always in the hunt for something that they might find in the universe which can give them more details about our existence or the existence of other living beings in the outer space. But there are a lot of strange but amazing things these researchers come across, few of these weirdly amazing things in the outer space are listed below:

Hypervelocity stars

The shooting stars that we see in space are just meteors which enter the atmosphere nothing else. But, the lesser known fact is the shooting stars also actually exist. These shooting stars are called as Hypervelocity stars. These stars are big and fiery balls of gas bolting out from the galaxy with a speed of millions of miles per hour.

Gliese 581c

In the search of the planets which can support various forms of life, the scientists have found this planet to be amongst one of them. It is also called the super-earth because of the planet’s mass 5.5 times more than that of our planet. This planet orbits around a red dwarf star which is smaller than the sun. the planet is stuck in the tidal locking which means that one side of the planet is always facing the star and another side is always facing the other side. This tiding locking makes the features very strange. By strange we mean if you step into the side of the star it would even melt you and the other side will immediately freeze you. But, the in between these two sides there is a small space where life could exist.

The Castor system

Castor system, as one of the two brightest stars from the Gemini constellation in the night sky. It is too bright. The reason being the castor system is not just one or two stars but it is six stars which all are orbiting around one common central mass. When the luminosity is considered together, all the six stars together put out around 52 times more luminosity than the sun.

Space Raspberry and rum

For many years, scientists are studying a dust cloud near or milky way galaxy. This dust cloud is named Sagittarius B2, which smells like rum and it tastes like raspberries. This cloud contains ethyl formate which gives raspberries their taste.


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