Weird things that happen with astronauts when they are in space


Our universe is very beautiful. It never fails to surprise us. It is full of amazing things which makes us wonder about the things in the universe which are still a mystery to us. Seeing the stars and reading about the planets is very fascinating for some people. There are people who are curious to know more about the hidden secrets of the space. But it is not as it seems. There are a number of things which astronauts have to face on their trip to space. There are things which happen to the body at the time of space travel.

Dropping the eyesight

Most of the astronauts who have stayed in the space for a longer period of time report about a visual impairment, VIIP – Visual impairment intracranial pressure syndrome. No particular cause of this syndrome has been found, even after a research done by NASA. Scientists are still wondering about how they can help the astronauts with this syndrome.

Growing a few inches

The absence of gravitational forces in the space, causes a person to grow a few inches taller. A person can get around 3% taller in the space. This is because the spine can expand in the zero-gravity environment. But, it gets normal once the person is back on the Earth.

Radiation can affect the health of the person

It is true that the atmosphere of earth protects us from the harmful effects of the radiation. The more you go away from the Earth’s atmosphere, the more exposed you will be to radiation. The astronauts face the effects of radiation in space. There are researches which are going on to understand how can the effects of this radiation can be reduced.

The inner ear stops working as an accelerometer

The inner human ear tends to protect us from getting sick as it acts as an accelerometer whenever there is a change in motion. But when the person is in the space, this little accelerometer breaks and the astronauts face motion sickness for a few days.

Problems with body fluids

Due to the absence of gravity in the space, there is a problem which is related to the body fluids. The body fluids travel to the head instead of travelling back to the lower limbs. As these body fluids travel to the head, some of the astronauts look a bit more round when they are back from their space trip.


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