Carta Monastery: A Haunted Abbey In Transylvania, Romania

Carta Monastery

A monastery worn off by time is in the countryside of Transylvania rests the ruins of the Abbey of Carta. This monastery was built somewhere around 1200s. It is considered to be the oldest gothic and protected church in Eastern Europe. It is very beautiful looking. But it also has a dark side to it. There is a side to the monastery which is not known to much people. The ruins of the church are said to be one of the most haunted places in the whole of Romania. This Cistercian abbey used to be a place for the monks to live in. these monks used to live a life which was very tough, they used to wake up around 3 o’clock in the morning only to work hard in the daytime hours. The availability of the food was also scarce which made the average life expectancy not more than 40 years of age.

The difficult life was the reason for a number of deaths in the monastery, this is also considered to be the reason for the ghost story. Many monks are still said to be living in the monastery being buried in the courtyard of the abbey along with the soldiers from the World War I. It is believed that the souls of those monks still remained in the area of the monastery. The most common of the abnormal activity occurring in the monastery is the ghosts of the monks roaming around within the Abbey of Carta. Also, there are other burials in the monastery which is said to be the reason for hauntings. Two of the unmarked graves were found in the cellar. They were the remains of 2 men who were taller than 6 feet. It was odd because at that time it was a lot more than the average height of people. It was considered that these men were sent to the abbey because anything different around those days was excluded by people.

It is also said that the walls of the cellar aggressively vibrate without a proper explanation. Also, there are other activities which are observed in the cellar. Activities like objects being flung around the cellar. There are activities in the church like chairs being dragged on their own by some unseen force. This town is easily accessible by a car. It is a place which is frequently visited by the people who are interested in visiting haunted ruins.

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