Weirdest Things That People Do During Their Sleep

During Their Sleep

After having a long and tiring day, who does not like to have a peaceful and quiet sleep. It is the time to get recharged and reset. But there are people, the minute they close their eyes weird things start happening to them. Here is the list of a few things which happen with some people when they are deep in their sleep.


There are people who actually drive when they are deep in their sleep. people are under the treatment of sleeping problems. They sleep at their home and wake up somewhere else. Sometimes in cars. They drive and reach different places and then they wonder how they actually got there.


This is considered as the side effect of night terrors. This is a combination of wakefulness as well sleep. Those experiencing this either sit on the bed or they walk around the house. Others have been more adventurous. A girl named Taylor started to sleepwalk and did not stop, she walked around 9 miles.

People get violent

Previous studies have shown that provoking someone or grabbing them while they are sleepwalking will make them violent even if they do not have violent tendencies. It is proven that sleepwalkers would respond in a violent way if they consider something as a threat to them. Therefore families of sleepwalkers are advised not to touch them as they may resist physically.

May commit serious crimes

Yes, there are times when sleepwalkers have committed serious crimes like Murder. There were cases in which sleepwalking led to the homicide. A man killed his own father and later he did not remember doing it so. These cases can be considered as acquittals but it does not always man. A man stabbed his wife 44 times after being disturbed into his sleepwalking, but it was considered as a first-degree murder.


Some of the sleepwalkers visit straight to the fridge and unconsciously start eating. It is called as Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder. These sleepwalkers have no memory of eating anything when they wake up. This disorder can be treated by medications but for that, it needs to be diagnosed properly.

You Stop Breathing

It is considered to be the most dangerous sleep-related things. It is the condition when you don’t do anything. In this condition, the muscles in the back of the throat fail to keep the airway open and it gets blocked. It causes disruption in breathing which can last for a few seconds to few minutes. It is associated with high blood pressure, headaches and sometimes heart failure.

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