The Strangest Things Ever Done By Millionaires


It is believed that an insane amount of money can make you go crazy. There is no limit to the money which you can spend on shopping and visiting expensive restaurants but there are millionaires who go far beyond and do crazy things with their money. Let us look at some weird ways a few millionaires spend their money:

Tony Toutouni

Tony belongs to a rich class family from Iran. but in the year 1979 after the Islamic revolution, his family left the country. Tony then came to the United States to try his luck and got successful in business. The strange fact about him is that nobody actually knows about his source of income. His all-time job is to roam around the city inexpensive cars, to attend parties and staying in 5-star hotels. The weirdest thing that he does with is money is he literally throws it at people and people wait to catch it.

Yuri Milner

He is the owner of the property worth 2.8 Billion Dollars. Yuri is so curious about finding the life on other planets that he allowed to spend his 100 million dollars to find the existence of life present on any other planet. Surprisingly, Stephen Hawking is also the part of the same.

Richard Branson

When we are talking about weird things, there is no chance we forget Richard Branson. One time he lost a bet to his friend about a match and because of that, he had to work on a 6-hour flight from Australia to Malaysia as an air hostess. Richard was so devoted for that he wore a red lipstick and a skirt too. He also wore makeup to work as a flight attendant.

Ingvar Kamprad

He is the founder of IKEA and this amazingly rich man does not believe in spending too much money. He only believes in spending money on just basic facilities. He travels through public transport and he does not like to spend his money on exotic restaurants. Also, he still uses his pension card to avail discounts.

Leona Helmsley

She is the one who wrote her will to her dog rather than her grandchildren. She was really very obsessed with her dog. She gave him property 12 million dollars when she died. She gave 5 million dollars to two of her grandchildren and the rest two grandchildren did not get anything.

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