A Recent Study Shows Why You Should Avoid Staying Home At 7:35 Pm If You Are Scared Of The Spiders

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Arachnophobia – the fear of spiders. It is suggested that people scared of spiders should stay out of their house at 7.35pm. The reason being? At that time the spiders are most likely to be scampering around the house. This was concluded with a new study which was conducted by Prof Adam Hart, who is an entomologist at the University of Gloucestershire. The study was done after collecting more than 10,000 records from more than 250 locations in Britain. It was done to find out around what time the spiders are most likely to be seen.

The study helped in discovering that the most sightings happen around 7.35pm. There were also the sightings of the spiders in the morning around 6-8 am, which showed the spiders trapped in bath and sinks etc. according to Prof Hart the main message which was needed to convey that with the spider season being just around the corner in the UK, the spiders are completely harmless and also that the spiders are the most important predators, being natural pest controllers. The study showed that there are 650 different species of the spiders in Britain. All of the species of the spiders can bite but only 12 species of those spiders are the ones with venom which can cause any kind of harm to the humans.

Prof Hart also suggested the people who are scared of spiders to make sure that their houses are clean and also to keep the doors and windows of their homes closed. Messy home with piles of washing clothes on the floor is considered to be the favourite spot of the spiders to hide because they like the dark. But with all this too you cannot be sure to have a spider proof house, they can somehow find their way in.

Jessica Blair

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