These Horrifying Facts About The Poveglia Island In Italy Are Going To Send Chills Down Your Spine

Poveglia Island

This place is considered to be one of the most illegal places one “shouldn’t ever” visit. Poveglia Island is just near the coast of northern Italy near Venice. In the land of romantic walkways, there is this haunted island on the other hand. But, there are visitors who remain curious about the infamous Italian island which once had thousands of black plague victims or those who were only suspected to have the symptoms of the disease. It is considered one of the most haunted places in Italy and is illegal to visit. Despite the fact that the island is illegal to visit, thrill seekers still visit there and come back with the experience of not visiting there again.

Island where plague patients were taken to die

During the Roman Empire, the island was a home to thousands of people who suffered from plague disease. They were left on the island to die so that other people don’t get affected by the disease. Soon on the island, dead bodies were overcrowded and also there were thousands of bodies which were thrown into a common grave. A lot of people who were not even affected by plague but they were still dragged to the island. There is a terrifying and negative energy in even the island’s soil.

The soil of the Island is rotten

There are a few grape vineyards on the island. The people who only visit this island are the ones who harvest the fruit. The grape vines do will in the ashy soil and it is said that the 50% of the soil comprises of the ashes of humans.

A psychiatrist hospital on the island tortured the people even more

A mental hospital was opened on the island in the year 1922. The isolation that the island offered, also allowed the doctors and the scientists to do just how they pleased to their patients.

Due to the deaths of a thousand of people on the island, according to the Italian law, it is Illegal to visit the island. But still few thrill seekers visit this island. There was a group of friends who went to the island and entered the mental hospital. When they entered the abandoned hospital, they reported a heavy fall of fear around them followed by a voice warning them to go away and not return back. Even though it is illegal to visit the island but people from all over the world still visit the island illegally.

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