Burning For Last 47 Years, Facts About The Strange “Door To Hell”

door to hell

This fire is burning straight since last 47 years straight. The fire is burning inside a crater which is 230 feet in diameter. It is considered to be one of the must-see places on the planet. The place is located in Derweze, Ahal province in Turkmenistan. It is a gas field located close to the Derweze field and right in the middle of the Karakum desert. The “door to hell” refers to a massive gas field crater with continuously burning fire. This fire is burning since the year 1971. The original name of the door to hell is Derweze crater because of the location of the crater in Turkmenistan. This place is good for the people who happen to be adventure tourists, a few interesting facts about the place are as below:

It is considered the world’s largest gas reserve field. Derweze when translated into English it means “door” which can possibly be the reason for the name of the same.

The “door” to hell name was given by the locals to the crater. It is because of the fire in the crater which is burning for many years and also because of the boiling mud in the crater. According to many religions, the burning fire and boiling mud gives an image of hell.

In the year 1971, a few engineers from the Soviet Union thought that this field was a large and sustainable reserve of oil. They started drilling operations so that they could access the gas reserve of that area. But it was incorrect measurement. The ground was collapsed which led to the opening of the crater which is 230 feet in diameter. These engineers feared that the gas might be poisonous and the extraction of the gas would be too expensive. So they decided to burn it.

Due to another miscalculation by the engineers the fire in the crater is burning since then. Still, there is no sign of the fire to go anywhere any time soon. This crater gives a beautiful sight at the night. The sky looks lit up by the light of the fire. It is considered to be one of the strangest place and an attractive spot for adventure tourists.

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