Some Strange Facts About The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

We have heard a lot of stories about the Bermuda triangle and the weird things which are associated with the same. There are a lot of stories which has left people wondering about the same. Let us help you to clear out some misconceptions and myths and introduce you to some theories which are there about the mysterious Bermuda triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the “Devil’s Triangle” because of the mysterious occurrences that have happened around it and it is also believed that there is bad luck which surrounds the area.

Christopher Columbus was the first person to see the evidence of the strange things. One night he wrote that a large flame was crashed into the sea (which was probably a meteor). Columbus also noticed a weird compass reading. The reason of which can be because previously, it was one of the few places where magnetic north and true north lined up.

Some pilots have reported losing the time while flying through the Bermuda Triangle. Which has made people speculate about the multi-dimensional travel. The aeroplanes get stranded because of the malfunctioning of the compass. There have been a number of cases where abandoned ships have been found floating off the shore. For a number of times, these ships were unable to be identified and no crew members were ever found. Most likely these accidents are caused by the various storms, reefs and the gulf streams or because of some other navigational challenges.

One explanation for the ships to sink is the release of methane gas which reduces the density of water which causes the ships to sink. The wackiest explanation says that there may be a crashed spaceship under the water which is sucking the ships down under the water. Many ocean scientists say that Bermuda triangle can easily be explained so it does not deserve to be called as “Mysterious” in any way.

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