These Dinosaurs Are Waiting To Check You In At This Japan’s Hotel

This hotel in Japan is offering its guest one of the weirdest experience to be checked in to the hotel by dinosaurs. Henn na hotel in Japan offers an experience to its guest by being checked in by dinosaurs. These dinosaurs look like the ones who have come out from the sets of Jurassic park except the fact that they are wearing tiny bellboy hats. Henn na which means “weird” hotel claims to be the first hotel which is staffed by robots.

These dinosaurs process check-ins through a tablet system, which allows the customers to choose their language to communicate with these multilingual robots. The customers can choose from English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese. The hotel staff says that there are customers who find this discomforting to be served by robots. The robots tend to sense the motion of the guests and bellow “welcome” and do a gesture with their long arms. The travel agency which runs this chain of the hotel runs right hotels in the country and they have all the robots working as their staff. But the manager at the Henn na hotel says that with the decreasing labour market, relying on robots for getting the work done from the front desk duty to cleaning has proved to be highly efficient. This hotel is the world’s first hotel to provide its customers with a full robotic experience. But it is a creative decision to rely on robots when the labour market is decreasing.

Lisa Adams

Lisa is an independent writer and former social policy researcher. She writes on food, agriculture and geopolitics As a reporter for WNL, Lisa covers science and environmental stories.. Originally from the UK, Lisa has spent many years in India where she has written for various publications, most notably the Bangalore-based Deccan Herald for 10 years.

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