Facts About The World’s Most Mysterious Forest – Hoia Baciu

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle terrifies people by just thinking about it. What if there is another place on the planet which equally challenges the mystery of the Bermuda triangle? Yes, there is one more place on the planet the difference is just the water! This place doesn’t have water because it’s a forest. This forest in Romania, which is called as Hoia Baciu is associated with a number of creepy stories of people going missing and sighting a UFO.

Below are a few facts about this mysterious forest which makes it so creepy and haunted:

People have reported many strange things happening in the forest like ghost sightings, weird voices, the emergence of faces in the photographs which were not visible otherwise. Many inspections were done to see the authenticity of the photographs which proved them to be real.

The first incident associated with this forest was in the year 1960 when UFO sightings were reported.

There are weirdly shaped trees in this forest, they are unusual in shape and also it is reported that tree stumps appear without any explanation.

There have been reports of people getting unexplained rashes and suddenly falling ill after entering the forest.

The World’s Most Mysterious Fores
The World’s Most Mysterious Fores

The place is said to have an unexplained heavy black fog appearing from nowhere. There are light orbs appearing from nowhere, also the breaking of the silence by a giggling of a female.

The weird happenings of the forest have made many people believe that the forest has the door to a completely different dimension. The weirdest thing about this forest is that some people who enter this forest go missing for a period of time and when they return back, they have no memory about the time that they spent in the forest. Spooky isn’t it?

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