Strange lights over San Diego, UFO sighting or what?

Strange lights over San Diego, UFO sighting or what?

It was just like any other nights in San Diego when people saw a weird light appear in the sky. There were a number of speculations which were made because of the same as no one knew where the strange light was coming from. The weird circular lights were seen floating around the sky during the late hours of 30th August in San Diego. The lights were seen hovering in the sky and they were seen to be in some kind of formulation. No one could exactly identify what these lights were which resulted in a lot of guesswork. The residents of San Diego were puzzled at the bizarre light and its appearance in the sky from nowhere.

People living in San Diego were sent into a frenzy seeing the strange light just hovering in the sky. People posted a lot of pictures and videos about the bizarre light appearing in the sky, making speculations about the lighting that it was not from the earth. UFO hunters were highly alarmed when these strange lights were spotted making the speculation that it was an alien invasion. To put an end to the speculation of the people whether San Diego was visited by Aliens on 30th August, A navy spokesperson informed that the “Mystery strange lights” were just a part of a flare training exercise. While some people believed the reply of the Navy spokesperson, there were some people who highly doubted the explanation about the same and believed that the light was not from the earth.

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