Weirdest Nail Trend Ever – Instagram Slammed The Nail Salon

There are a lot of weird fashion trends which are being introduced. It is no shock for anyone these days to see bizarre things happening in the name of fashion and trend. There are many weird trends which are being followed by people these days. Trends from “Halo eyebrows” to developing a deep fake tan by women. But no matter how silly they might appear, but they were harmless. However, the new nail trend has made people seriously lose their temper, with a lot of people calling it “nasty” and “disgusting” for the use of living ants in some acrylic to create a nail art effect.

The images of this weird nail trend were shared by Nail sunny in Moscow. This showed placing of the ants in a hollow and clear acrylic nail tip. Though the post mentioned that no ants were harmed when the nails were made, but the post was highly disliked by Instagram and was quickly slammed by the users. There were so many comments on the post considering the so-called “trend” as animal cruelty. Therefore the second post was shared with the nails, where ants were removed. The post was released with a caption “keep calm, we left them to breathe” this was an attempt to calm people which obviously didn’t work out. People were still furious with the previous image and commented that the ants shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Releasing the awful nail trend on its Instagram page, the page has definitely lost a lot of its followers because of the same.

Ruth Karpenter

Ruth is the senior contributor to Weird News Ledger, and can’t really think of a better job than one that lets her read and write interesting stories on everything from aliens and asteroids to Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Ruth previously worked in magazines at Transcontinental Media and headed up the lifestyle department at Sun Media. Her Twitter bio describes her as a “reader, writer, eater,, fancy geek, summer cyclist,” which pretty much sums up how she spends her time outside of work.

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