Spacex Unveils More Details About The Future City On Mars

Spacex Unveils

One of the Engineers of SpaceX has revealed some details about their future project on Mars. One of the founder and CEO of SpaceX has planned to develop a city on Mars. Recently, there are some practical details which have been shared, it is about the setup which will be there for the first group of inhabitants to reach there. Paul Wooster who is Mars society founding member and SpaceX mars development engineer. He provided details about the SpaceX BFR spacecraft that the spacecraft will be soon reaching there and they’ll be able to operate them using various systems. According to Paul when the company sends people to Mars, the BFR spacecraft would be very necessary. BFR is a reusable spacecraft is which developed by SpaceX.

In the year 2022, SpaceX plans to send an unmanned mission to Mars, and send the first human flight after a few years. Wooster also said that a lot of people who are beyond SpaceX can really contribute when building the presence on the red planet is concerned. He also mentioned that the first group of people who land on Mars would be living outside the BFR spacecraft while building a habitation. It would be possible for the team to send transportation through the spacecraft. SpaceX still has to test the BFR spacecraft, but SpaceX team hopes that the launch of this spacecraft would be as successful as Falcon Heavy, which had a successful test launch.

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